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Public Relations

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Professional PR Services

The way a company communicates with its customers, employees and the public at large says a lot about an organization.

Magnolia Heights Marketing can put together your entire customized strategic marketing plan or work with you on a project to project basis.

Every company uses Public Relations in running their business, they just may not know it as PR. How the media portrays your business or organization greatly affects your public image and there is nothing more powerful than public opinion.

External Public Relations

newsBusiness Owners believe that anything that goes on in their business is newsworthy. At Magnolia Heights Marketing, we will write your press release how it would benefit your potential customers.

Having a Grand Opening? That’s great. But does that really mean for your customers? And who should really receive that press release… Magnolia Heights Marketing can help steer you in the correct direction to make the most out of your good news!

Internal Public Relations

Public Relations is not only the way a company communicated with the media, but also the way acommunications company communicates with its employees. Internal Public Relations includes employee newsletters and other means of building relationships between employees, management and customers.

Public Relations

  • Press Release Writing
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Email Marketing
  • Slogan Development
  • Promotions
  • Photography

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